So long…

I have never stared at a blank page for this long, but after 20 mins of looking at this screen, I finally have my thoughts together.

A good friend of mine passed away 2 days ago and the last two days I have not been able to focus on all the work that I have lined up. The week was well planned for, yet the news of him passing away changed everything.

I last met him a month ago, when he was down for his treatment. He was in pain, yet he wanted to meet another friend who lived close by and go out for dinner. Malwani food he said is something he had been wanting to eat since long. We found a good restaurant on our way back and enjoyed the spicy curry and fish.

We took a trip to Manali a few years ago and that was one of the things we spoke about every time he came down to India. I remember having a great time with him. The trip to Goa though was the highlight for the time I spent with him. Taking an overnight train to goa while telling your parents that you had a seat booked in a luxury bus so that they dont worry. Sleeping on the beach on 31st night cause you were too broke to be able to afford a room. Roaming around on the beach looking for card board boxes so that you can use some to start a fire and some as a blanket. Thanks Goa for being expensive on new years eve. Some memories are just priceless.

Rest in peace Sunil. You will be missed.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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