Sharing work in progress

It’s difficult to like things when you initially start developing it. The structure is not in place, the design does not resemble the image you had in mind and the final content is not part of the page as yet.

Working through the progress is a great experience though. You slowly start to see the final design take shape, you change a few things to make it look better than the design you had in mind and soon the final product looks a lot better than how you imagined it to be.

It’s frustrating though when you are in the in-between phase. When things don’t look as good and when you share your in progress work. People who see it are usually not happy with what you have built. You know there is more to come, but they don’t. It’s difficult not to be discouraged by comments people leave behind when you share your work in progress.

Maybe writing about how you envision the final design to look like is a practise I should follow more often. Or not sharing the work in progress. A choice which on some days is difficult to pick between when the project you are working on is for a client who wants regular updates.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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