React Native - Part 2

After writing about React Native the last time, I never got around to writing more about my experience with react native.

I released the first internal prototype of the app built using React Native two days ago and the experience of working with react native has been great.

Some of the tools and libraries I used to build the initial version:

Native Base for UI React Navigation for Navigation react-native-vector-icons for Font Awesome icon integration.

I used when starting to build the app. If you are new to react native, do give Expo a try. Makes it easier to build and share react native based apps. Think of it like rails for react native.

I also did try react-native-elements for UI framework but ended up choosing nativebase due to number of extra components nativebase has along with a well written documentation.

If you are looking to do nested navigation within your app i.e start with stack navigation but then move to tab based navigation once on the second screen, do read through this page. Would have saved me more than 6 hours if I had just stopped and looked at the docs sections are bit more.

Planning to write more about React Native as I spend more time building the app.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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