I have never had this be part of my software development approach before. Prototyping the entire app.

Last month I got to see an app which was full prototyped. The sign up flow, the login screen, the dashboard along with every app interaction. An excellent change to software development cycle.

My approach to software development was Idea > Research > Design > Frontend development > API’s integration with mock response > Test(and fix issues) > Tweak UI / Design / UX > API development > Test(and fix issues) > Release.

After having tried the prototype, I am now going to update the approach to be Idea > Research > Design > Prototype > Tweak UI / Design / UX > Frontend Development > API development > Test(and fix issues) > Release.

Prototyping the app helps you think about every user interaction even before you start building the app. Using the prototype for a couple of days would help you get to the missing features earlier in the software development cycle. It’s also makes it easier / faster to share the final vision of the app with the client / team and get their feedback.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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