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2014 went by really fast. I don’t remember 2013 being like this.

This year has been really good. From the list of things I wanted to do, the one’s which I am really happy to have accomplished is to see Brightpod improve and grow and to have travelled a lot with friends. From traveling alone to traveling with friends, I can see how the latter is more fun. I also wanted to release an iOS game this year and a mobile application focused around travel, but things did not quite align.

I am also really happy to my niece living with me this year. It’s been so much joy to have her at home. No day has been without a smile and I have to thank her for that.

Learning new languages / frameworks have always been high on my list and this year I managed to learn a few. Objective-C and Python now don’t seem as foreign as they did last year. I also managed to one up on my skills at CSS and creating responsive design. Also learn’t how to write apps in Symfony, Slim framework and Yii (Hi Vineet and Piyush). Although nothing beats the simplicity of CodeIgniter, I can see how these frameworks can be helpful while creating complex web applications.

Javascript being the language most widely used these days, I also dipped my toes and learn’t Ember.js and have started learning Angular.js. Traveling to Bangalore to attend JSChannel was an interesting experience.

Traveling to new places and trying out new cuisine has always been high on my list of things to do. This year, I travelled to Thailand, Prague(Czech Republic), Interlaken(Switzerland), Luzern(Switzerland), Munich(Germany), Zurich(Switzerland) and Amsterdam(Netherlands). Thanks Sneha, Rajnikanth, Mayur (ok.. Max) and Neil for traveling with me. You guys were awesome fun to travel with. Looking forward to traveling more with you soon.

I also travelled to quite a few places in India this year. Goa(twice), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ranchi, Bangalore and to Patna recently. Had a great time with Sanat and Sneha in Goa. I was also told “Goa is enough company in Goa”.

So much more to write, but this already seems like a long post. Things I want to do in 2015:

1) Write more often here. 2) Improve Brightpod and spend more time making it better. 3) Spend more time learning and developing mobile applications. 4) Travel to at least 6 new countries. 5) Spend more time with family and friends.

The last one has always been high on the list.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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