Platform as a Service

Like most developers I like to spend time configuring servers and tweaking OS settings. Trying out different flavours of Linux distribution was once a hobby.

Moving from shared hosting to VPS was a big change. From not having control over settings to now being able to install packages and tweak Apache/ nginx to perform the way you wanted it to. Hosting on VPS is still my preferred way of hosting.

Sometimes though for a few projects, you don’t want to deal with choosing an OS, installing packages, making sure every package/OS get’s its security update etc. There are a lot of things to look after when managing the server on your own. The project maintenance plan does not account for this.

Recently I have been moving a few projects that I previously maintained from VPS to Heroku. Heroku has a really good user experience, right from setting up the app to installing adds on to work with it.

Give platform as a service a try for your next project. It’s a welcome change from having to manage all aspects of the server to only focusing on the application.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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