Macbook Pro

Last week, Apple announced their latest version of Macbook Pro. Most people on my twitter timeline did not have good things to say about the update.

My initial reaction to the update was similar to how most people reacted. No MagSafe? Now we need to carry around a lot of dongles? This is not right.

Hurray for the Touch Bar though! I can see how it can be helpful.

Having had sometime to process my thoughts about the new Macbook, I am ready to make the purchase. Change is the only constant.

This is a temporary phase, where we have to carry around dongles. Someone needs to push the envelope forward and I am happy that Apple is taking the initiative.

I am sure hardware manufactures will get onboard and more peripherals we use will switch to USB C / Thunderbolt.

Why remove the MagSafe though Apple? Not all change is good. That thing has saved my laptop a few times.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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