Lets rewrite this

Thats the first reaction to taking over a project from another developer or other agency.

Code commenting is not quite right, so many bugs, “the other person” did not write the function the way I/we would have written it, why did they choose Foundation? Everyone’s knows Bootstrap is the framework to use.

Someone taking over a project from you might have the same arguments to make as to why the system needs a re write.


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It’s easy to think that re writing a software will fix all the issues. Talk to someone who has been working as a software developer since a long time and they will tell you how this is not a good idea. New code = New bugs.

When taking over the next project, take the time to understand someone else’s code. If the software has been running since a long time, they have done a lot of things right. And if after spending time with the code, you are unable to understand how the system works, talk to client about the upsides / downsides of re writing the software.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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