I have spent the last 2 weeks re learning Laravel. I last remember working with the framework in 2011 when it was in version 2. From version 2 to now on it’s 5th version, Laravel has changed quite a lot.

After years of working with CodeIgniter, I now feel the need to move to a new framework. A framework which works with new standards and which continues to evolve. I have long supported CodeIgniter for how easy it is to get started with. I learn’t the framework and was up and running in 2 days.

Learning something new alongside all the other work you have going on can be a bit challenging. Switching from one framework to another can also be time consuming. The easy parts in CodeIgniter are difficult to setup in Laravel. There are different ways you can do things. From packages to writing your own code to making sure that your packages are updated.

I am still getting my feet wet with Laravel 5. Having a project to work with helps a lot. I like how the framework focuses on writing Object Oriented code and making use of code already written by someone else. It is not as easy as CodeIgniter? Yes. But I have to agree, this is a much better way of writing maintainable application.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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