IT Sector and what’s next

The last few days have been all about how the IT sector in India is collapsing. The top 7 IT companies are about to layoff 58000 people this year. Reading headlines like these make me sad.

IT has been a promising carrier for the many who are now graduating. The demand started about 6-7 years back and each year the number of companies showing up for campus interviews kept increasing and so did the number of people joining IT even though they did not envision IT being the end result of that engineering degree which taught little about how to support IT systems.

It’s tough to know what to do next in life after you graduate. The possibilities out there are literally endless. When you are presented with an offer in hand, even if it’s not that the thing you are passionate about, you end up saying yes, cause everyone else around you is.

Find your passion and work at it can be a simple but a really hard to follow advice. After all nobody tells you how the thing you are so passionate about would put food on the table.

“What is that thing that I am really passionate about? The thing that makes me happy?”. I hope everyone who has not found the answer to this question keeps asking themselves this every day.

Like engineering and medical courses, IT too is going through the phase where there are too many people than what the market needs. If you are passionate about this field, there is a place for you here. It might be difficult to get in now, but keep at it. Keep improving your skills and keep reading about what the industry is looking for.

If you are one of the people who is affected by these layoffs and IT was not the thing you were passionate about, maybe this is the time to pickup on your passion where you last left it. It could take a while to replace the income you last made, but keep at it. I hope you do.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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