Fighting against a current habit

If you are building a B2B software application you are fighting against a current habit your target customer has. In most cases, it’s either email or excel sheet. These two tools can be used for a variety of purpose and are used every day by a lot of people.

Why would they want to switch from something they use every day to your tool? From something they are comfortable using and don’t have to spend time learning to learning how to accomplish a certain task in your tool? These questions are worth thinking about.

They are indeed looking to switch to something better, but as soon as they face any issues with the new way of working with your tool, they will be quick to move back to the tool which worked well. Email and excel have been around for more than a decade now.

When you say your software is better, makes it easier, helps streamline and provides a unified view, I hope you also consider making it really easy to get started with. As easy as email and excel.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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