Email Expectations

Too many emails is a problem we all face. A lot of emails make its way across the 3 emails accounts I have. Having a growing software application and trying to learn new things by joining online courses ensures that my inbox is never empty.

Then there are personal emails, emails you want to reply to, but they get lost in the pile. How do you set expectations on when you will reply to these? Do you reply to these right away? Defining right away is difficult, as the person sending the email might be expecting you to get to it a few minutes / hours after they sent it, while you might not get time to read it till the next day or a few days later.

I used to feel this way about email replies too. Expecting replies within minutes, but off late, I have started to be more liberal with when I get a reply. As a generation, we have never been busier. We all have more things to do in a day.

A follow up call, sms , twitter or IM after a day would go a long away in letting the other person know that you are expecting a reply soon.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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