Distracted workday

2018 has been great so far, and the most productive I have ever been. It’s not just this week, the last two weeks have been productive. I have been trying a new work routine “watching random tv shows while working”.

Most people would advise against watching TV when programming, as it takes away your focus from the task at hand. I would think the same till I tried it two weeks ago.

Having a background noise works well for me and since these are TV shows I am not that keen on watching, having a background noise helps me focus on the at hand. I have tried Spotify and coffitivity before, but after a while I stopped enjoying these services.

I have been looking forward to my work days now.

There are a few things I cannot do while the TV shows play in the background:

  • Write blog posts
  • Think through logic which did not work in the first attempt.

I am going to continue this experiment for this month.

Hope you all have a great year ahead!

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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