By yourself vs alone

I have had my grammar corrected quite a lot in the last two years. Every time I go travelling with a Mayur outside India, we talk about how I need to improve my grammar. It has been getting better, but not quite there yet.

English is a second language in India. Although most schools in metro cities across India will advise their students to talk to each other in English, most students prefer the regional language. I don’t have any complaints about students doing this. I like the regional language not losing its place as part of the culture of that particular city.

So what do we Indian’s do when we can’t find a word to describe a particular situation? We think of the closest word which describes the situation in the regional language and match it with the word in english.

While looking for a place to have breakfast with a friend yesterday, we saw this girl reading her kindle in the coffee shop. She was kind enough to give us her table. After she moved to a rocking chair, my friend told her that it’s nice that the coffee shop had such chairs for people who are alone. She was quick to correct us “it is indeed nice of them to keep such chairs for people who are by themselves.”

The words she picked. Alone vs by your self, made me think how important it is for me to continue working on improving my grammar.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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