App Only an ecommerce shopping site went App only a few weeks ago.

One of the reasons why Myntra went app only was because majority of their user base now shops from their smartphones. There has been a significant jump in smartphone based purchases. Going app only would then mean that Myntra gets to focus on a growing market and user base.

Being app only according to me is a bad decisions for an e-commerce site. Here’s why

1) Prevent’s window shopping

I was talking to a few friends last week and they told me that they no longer shop at Myntra and if Flipkart also goes app only they would stop shopping at Flipkart.

The reason? They don’t pre decide about buying something from these sites. During work hours or over the weekend, as they browse through Facebook and other websites, visiting Myntra has become a habit. Similar to how I visit Reddit quite often.

You check a few clothing items on the website and decide on buying something which you did not actually need.

Being app only means you are giving up on the impulse online shoppers.

2) Less room to explore

Two of friends told me how it was no longer fun buying from Myntra. You could no longer open multiple tabs and look at different options before deciding on what to purchase.

On the app you had to be specific on what you wanted to buy, since the app only allows you to look at one option at a time and going back and forth is no fun.

3) Internet connection speed

Indian telecom operators are not quite ready for 3G as yet. The browsing speed in most cities / areas are really bad. Even in an metropolitan city like Mumbai, I still get switched from 3G to Edge quite often.

While shopping online, you tend to look at a few options before making the final purchase. With the connection speeds right now, the experience of browsing through the app is bad.

I can only assume how the user experience suffers.

I am not sure if Myntra will go back on their decision to be app only, but if other ecommerce websites are thinking of taking this path. Please don’t. Your user’s will be grateful.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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