How Do You Focus?

Continued from yesterday...

Writing down tasks

I have ignored this advice since a long time now. Almost every Getting Things Done book I read recommends that its a good idea to write down tasks you need to work on. The brain can only remember so much and its easy to drop the ball on all the tasks you have juggling.

Ever since I have started to record all tasks I need to work on, my mind is more at peace. I now start the day by looking at all the tasks I need to work on and move them to the “Today” list.

The feeling of seeing the “Today” list empty at the end of the day. Priceless.

Night Mode

We all need un interrupted time to work on tasks. Being constantly distracted is no way to work.

I now have my phone in night mode from 2 PM-5:30 PM. No reason to look at the phone when the screen does not turn on.

Highly recommend this.

Sunil Shenoy @sunil
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